1988-89: Preparation for the "cirtificate d'aptitude" to be director of a music school, Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt, France.


1970-73: Conducting major with Wolfgang VACANO and Tibor KOZMA, minor in composition with Bernard HEIDEN, Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A. Doctor of Music (1983). Thesis on formal structure in Mozart's operas.


1964-69: Conducting major with Walter DUCLOUX, minor in piano and harpsichord, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, U.S.A. Bachelor of Music (1966) and Master of Music (1967).


1962-64: Piano major with Irwin FREUNDLICH, conducting with Jorge MESTER, Juilliard School of Music, New York, U.S.A.


1961-62: Piano with Boris Roubakin, Banff School of Fine Arts.


1957-62: Piano and composition, Conservatoire de Montréal, Canada.


Recieved several scholarships from the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts de Québec.